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Welcome :-)

Hi, welcome in this online course Riderpsychology. In the next couple of weeks you are going to learn about how important mindset is in equestrian sports. You are going to learn mental tools so you can improve your mindset.


With a strong mindset, a growth mindset you can learn to get the best out of yourself and out of your horse. By following the course, learn about mental training and going through the exercises, you can improve your performances, becomes fun a very important part, are you going to learn to improve your self esteem and most of all your self efficacy.

Each week there will be an email in your mailbox with a new module. Every time there will be a link through the online platform, but you can follow the course also by opening the modules in your email. There will be different web lectures and exercises each week and in the Facebookgroup we can discuss topics and have social conversation. I will also meet you twice in real life at school in Velp. 

By subscribing, you give me permission to email you information and the modules of the online course. You can always unsubscribe by clicking the button on the bottom off each email. I will not spam your mailbox ;-) 

If there are any question, just sent me an email (gekinhondenpaardensport@gmail.com). Off course you can post your questions also in the Facebookgroup (Just click on the underlined words to subscribe or to sent me an email).

I strongly recommend you to really do the exercises. Do not only listen through the online courses, but do the exercises so you can experience the possibilities in mental training and so you can improve your mindset.

At the end of the course there is a case you can work on. You can sent me your product and I will give you feedback so you can prepare yourself very well for your exam.

Because we are going to work with each other, I would like to get to know you better. So please introduce yourself in the Facebookgroup or by sending me an email.


Maybe there are special things you want to learn in this course, problems you will work on. Please let me know so we can get most out of this course.

I wish you a lot of fun by following this course!